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JASKO was founded on April 28, 1992 on the basis of the Robots design bureau (the name of the Company reflects the abbreviation of the names of the group of activists' participants).

The Company includes design and engineering specialists which with the help of the Union of Entrepreneurs of the Volgograd region set up a commercial enterprise and using a wealth of scientific and practical experience started engagement in production, supply and installation of process equipment for the food processing industry.

The history of development of our Company is one of the examples of how the organization that has nothing to do with natural resources and that has not received any benefits from the Soviet economy collapse, has become successful. It is the accumulated experience and the intuitive sense of market needs that led to similar results at first. Of all the possible directions the Company's management focused on the supply of equipment for processing of agricultural products. What our specialists are doing today is not an intuitive process but rather a serious analytical work of the Company's marketing team.

It is the clear idea of what products are or will be in demand that allows timely adjustment of the production process, responding quickly to the changing market conditions. Today, the Joint-Stock Company JASKO is a large engineering company specializing in the production and supply of process equipment for various industries.

Our Company cooperates with companies from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Lithuania, Latvia, Italy and Poland.

Currently, the Company offers a wide range of industrial machines and production lines and carries out design and commissioning works, provides maintenance and post-warranty service.

No matter how good the projects of the Company, ultimately it is the staff that carries them out. The Company's performance depends on how well the team is formed and the powers are lined up. One of the components of the Company's success is its clear organizational structure which has been perfected all these years and today is a multi-functional well-coordinated mechanism which involves:
• Marketing department;
• Procurement department;
• Logistics department;
• Sales department;
• Production department;
• Accounting team.

As a result of the professionally pursued corporate policy the Company performs well and increases production on an annual basis. The annual growth rate of the production volume of CJSC JASKO has been 12% for the last five years. According to the Company's production department experts, this figure could be even higher. However, its growth is limited by lack of qualified experts of metalworking production. The use of outsourcing workforce of leading machine-building enterprises of Volgograd and Volzhsk helps resolve this issue. At 2010 year-end, the number of employees directly engaged in production reached 130 people, whereas the number of administrative staff, customer service and logistics group staff reached 20.

As long as the Company exists, its founders have never changed the main principle of their work: «Promote only the best equipment to the market». In accordance with the set goal, a general strategy has been developed and is based on three components:
1. Active market research with the aim of studying the market requirements and building effective relationships with customers.
2. Integrated approach to the customer's issue. The Company offers solution to all issues related to the equipment, including competent delivery of complex equipment, maintenance and training of the customer's service staff.
3. Clear fulfillment of all obligations imposed on the organization in order to maintain close ties with the customer. The Company's staff can handle projects of any degree of complexity and CJSC JASKO is known as a reliable supplier due to its considerate and individual approach to the customer and timely fulfillment of its obligations.

JASKO owns a number of trademarks and is the rightholder of a large number of patents.

CJSC JASKO is actively engaged in innovative activities, realizing that today's inventions may become revolutionary in the market tomorrow and bring the Company massive dividends.

The work of JSC JASKO has been highly appreciated at various trade shows, fairs and industry forums on multiple occasions.

Our achievements allow us to look to the future with confidence.


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