Used for bag closing with portable and stationary sewing machines.






  • Thread material: 100 % polyester,
  • high strength,
  • does not require special lubrication,
  • its soft texture increases the service life of any contacting machine parts,
  • high resistance to moisture, low temperatures, high dynamic loads,
  • for easy stitching of any materials – a spool can be easily installed on the machine.
We offer 1,000 m spools for portable bag closing machines, and 5,000 m spools – for stationary bag closing machines.

нить белая (на конусах 1000 м)
210/ 1000
нить белая (на конусах 5000 м)
210/ 5000
нить белая (на конусах, Турция)
нить цветная (на конусах 1000 м)
210/ 1000
нить цветная (на конусах 5000 м)
210/ 5000

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