Application: production of full fat soybeans which is a key component of compound feeds for any farm animals and birds of any class.

Production process:
- soy bean grinding;
- extrusion;
- soy extrudate cooling.

Special features of full fat soy beans extruded at LEPS-25:
– more metabolic energy and a higher solids content, in contrast with FF soy beans produced using any alternative technology;
– long shelf life as the lipoxygenase ferment is destructed during the processing;
– consistently low urease index and trypsin inhibitor contents;
– high concentration of lecithin which is important for fat metabolism.

LEPS-25 is robust and it has a short payback period. It is capable of running 24/7 (where required).

Technical specifications

Capacity, tons/hour
up to 24
Installed power, kW
Floor space, m2
Room height, m

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